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Three levels of editing


Developmental Editing

You’ve been working on your manuscript for a while and have lost sight of the larger picture. I can identify plot points, check character development, and work to ensure a smooth storyline that grips your reader from beginning to end.  

Line Editing

Do you need someone to work on the nitty-gritty of your manuscript? You’re happy that the plot is moving smoothly, but you still need an editor to check your timeline and character details, and also ensure grammar and word choice is on point. Let me help.

Plot Coaching

You’re unsure how to get your fantastic story idea down on paper in the right order. I love nothing better than helping an author pull the threads of a story apart and weave them back together to form a cohesive story a reader won’t be able to put down.

Hi! I'm Gill Hill

I’m an editor with fierce attention to detail who loves to immerse myself in an author’s work


I love all things plot and story. I love to edit, whether that be developmental or line editing, and my absolute favorite work is helping authors strengthen plot and milestones within their manuscript.

I’m a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association.



“Gill did a great job for us. She not only did an excellent job editing but provided great feedback on the story development throughout and actually made the story better! Very pleased with her work.” – James Russell Lingerfelt


how to edit
How to read your first draft

As an editor, I like to send all manuscripts to my Kindle. If I read the document on a computer, it’s too easy for me to stop reading and make edits.  By using my Kindle, I can read anywhere (and for me that will often be in the bath!). I like to try and read a manuscript in as short a time as is possible, so I want to be able to focus just on the reading and on the story. That means removing all other distractions that might be available on my desktop or laptop. And because I can’t make notes in the document, I’m left with the limited options of highlighting on my kindle or taking notes on a pad of paper. This works well for me because each time I stop reading to make a note I’m taking myself out of the StoryWorld. If possible, I want to stay in there while I read, and if anything within the manuscript kicks me out of the StoryWorld (bad writing, unbelievable dialogue, plot inconsistencies) then I want to be aware of them, which is harder to do if I’m choosing to move in and out by taking notes.

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