Hi! I’m Gillian Hill (I go by Gill, pronounced Jill. It’s a British thing!).

Do you have a business that you love, but you struggle to explain your services in writing? Or maybe you’ve pieced together website pages or articles, but they don’t seem to capture what you really want to say. I am a general copywriter. I know niching is a thing right now, and I understand why. But I do this job because I love to talk to business owners, get to the heart of what you do and why, and then communicate that on to your customers on websites, in articles or blog posts, and in emails or newsletters. I know the tricks and techniques to persuade customers to buy (most copywriters do), but I want to understand you first. My particular skills are listening, learning about you, and then translating that without losing your drive and energy.

As a fiction editor, I’m also keenly aware of how much impact a bit of editing can have to polish up a first draft, especially if writing is not your thing. So I offer a variety of services where I provide workbooks or templates to help you find what you want to say, and I polish it up so it shines and shows you and your business in the best light.

If you’re interested in my copywriting or copyediting skills, then check out my website Gill Hill Writing Services to find out how I can help you. Or feel free to get in touch direct at gillhill@gillhillwritingservices.com