Developmental Editing

If you know you need developmental editing, or if I advise that you go down this route after your free initial assessment, I will require to do a manuscript critique. There is a flat fee of $200 for under 50,000 words and $500 for 50,000 – 100,000 words. If you haven’t completed your draft, get in touch with me to discuss whether plot coaching or developmental editing is the best option.

After the critique, I will give you a quote for a full developmental edit of the manuscript if you wish me to do that.

Line Editing

If, after your initial free assessment, we decide that line editing is sufficient, my rate is $0.015 per word

Plot Coaching

If you want to get pen to paper, but you’re not confident exactly how your story unfolds, I’d love to help you outline your plot. Or maybe you’ve written a few thousand words, know there is a great story in there, but can’t figure out what to write next. Even if you think of yourself as a pantser, we don’t need to develop a full outline.

I charge $60 per hour for all coaching work. I will require a minimum of 2 hours for an initial assessment; this will allow us to chat on the phone and me to read any work you have to date for up to an hour and a half I will then provide an email assessment of how I think you should best proceed and an estimate of how much work I believe we need to do, with an estimated quote.